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European Union energy labels for televisions.

The electricity used by televisions is a significant share of total domestic electricity demand in the European Union. Televisions with almost equal functions and power have a wide range of energy efficiencies.

Since the energy efficiency of televisions can be significantly improved, televisions are covered by the energy labelling regulations. Currently there are four (4!) different labels for TVs:

European Energy Labels for Televisions

Initially they all look the same, but there are differences in the lowest and highest energy class for each label. The label to use depends on when the television was put on the market. For example the G to A label (top left in the image above) is for televisions put on the market from the 30th November 2011. The D to A+++ label (bottom right in the image above) is for televisions on the market from energy labels after the 1st of January 2020.

With the online app on this site all you have to do is choose TV (2020) from the appliance drop list, and the software will give you the correct text and color bars:

TV labels for 2020 and after.

Note that though the four labels are different, all of them have exactly seven classes to chose from. This is an incentive to manufacturers not to be left behind in efficiency as the years go by.

The energy efficiency index (EEI) is the decisive parameter for the division into energy efficiency classes. For example a TV with an EEI of greater than or equal to 0.23 and less than 0.30 is assigned class A. The index is a simple multiplication and addition to find out the reference power consumption which then divides the consumption of the actual device being measured:

TV EU Energy Efficiency Index

As you can see it takes into account not only the raw power consumption but also the area and the type of television. A simple monitor should not consume as much as full TV with a hard disk, even if it has the same area.

The specification of when you can put the switch symbol seems to indicate if the TV has a stand-by mode of less than 0.01 Watts:

TV energy label in the European Community

Luckily just by clicking on the Create Label icon you can fill in all the necessary data and the label will be made for you.

Not all multiple labels have this year by year change. Refrigerator labels are different according to the class the product is in.

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